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Carpe diem residency, a series of artist-in-residence programs is designed to invite artists, writers and film makers for a time and space away from their usual social environment and domestic obligations. The idea behind the program is to facilitate a stimulating eco-system or co-inhabiting space for artists to participate, research, produce and reflect on an emerging body of work. It allows a fellow artist to explore his/her practice within another community of artists; meeting new people, using new materials and experiencing life organically in a new location. 

We are fellow backpackers, a self-driven group of artists and film makers from India who are deeply influenced by nature and the efficacy of human relationships, a recurring motif in our works. We are committed to the cause of enhancing artistic experiences globally and have thus started this residency. We believe that best of our creative instincts can be nurtured when we elevate our experiences in a holistic way. As facilitators, we engage the artists in intensive workshops and thought-provoking conversations to pursue cross-cultural art and trans-media storytelling.

Let there be a parallel universe where you and we can hear each other out, enjoy the process and travel with our stories from conflict to climax and beyond.

                                                       The poem that started it all (Click to read)


Upcoming Winter Program, November 2018 at Hyderabad Application Open Now