Our Team


Shivajee Chandrabhushan: Founder & Director

ShivaTravel far enough, you meet yourself’. This David Mitchell quote from Cloud Atlas sums up the life lived so far for national award winning film-maker Shivajee Chandrabhushan. A trained mountaineer and trekker, Shivajee has challenged every possible barriers of the physical. He essentially believes that travel is an ultimate form of transcendence and documenting the same in any visual form is the most creative and aesthetically pleasing exercise. He is one of the leading figures of the new generation of Indian independent filmmakers. The multiple award winning feature film Frozen (2007) managed to break into the monopolized distribution system of Bollywood and attracted audiences much before indie film releases became a norm in India.

While Shivajee’s stories are deeply rooted in the social, cultural, and political milieu of India; his understanding of the medium of cinema equips him with the ability to tell stories for the whole world. Like Frozen his second feature One More (2011), a sport drama, was also shot beautifully in sub-zero temperature in snow-clad Ladakh, his preferred cinematic haunt. His upcoming feature film The Untold Tale, was selected in the project development section of Cannes Film Festival’s […]


Amrit Amlan Pattanaik: Curator

AmlanPassionate about visual-storytelling, Amrit Amlan believes in soaking the self with new experiences and experiments in life. He is actively engaged in media pedagogy, creating and disseminating alternative media content, and is keen to contribute to the Indie cinema movement in India by curating and archiving the outcome. He finds documentary photography, graphic journalism and film studies workshops intriguing and intends to engage in them further.

He teaches Mass Communication at St. Mary’s College and was earlier employed with Loyola College and The Times of India and has been a regular contributor to newspapers and magazines, specializing in popular culture. Amrit Amlan graduated with English and Sociology majors, did his post-graduation in Communication and went on to pursue an MPhil in Comparative Literature.


Triparna Banerjee: Curator 

Triparna BanerjeeTriparna grew up in a culturally vibrant space; experimenting with amateur theatre, training in classical dance and engaging in literary classics which helped her acquire artistic and creative skills early on. Passionate about writing, visual and performing arts she did Diploma in Mass communication and had a brief stint in advertising before getting into films.

She has worked with national award winning film-maker Shivajee Chandrabhushan and has managed the film festival journey of his debut feature Frozen (2007). She has co-written the feature film One More (2011), winner of Pan Star Award at Asian Project Market at Busan International film. She is also the co-writer of The Untold Tale, the first Indian feature to be selected for L’atelier du Cinefondation at Cannes Film Festival in 2012.  

She loves engrossing into spiritual studies, is a keen reader of Buddhist and New Age philosophies and a Tarot consultant. Presently, she is developing her first feature film as writer/ director and co-owns Carpe diem Residency as a Curator.


 Unika Prusty: Program Manager

picA strong believer of ethno-fusion and a poet at heart, Unika creatively blends her passion and profession to explore the diverse possibilities in the field of creative writing and visual arts. She loves to travel, listen to interesting stories and engages in spiritual nuances of life. With a kin eye for local art and artists, she wishes to document several dimensions of the same and undertake visual-cultural ethnographic projects in related areas in future.

Her professional working experience includes feature-writing in magazines, client servicing, corporate communication and teaching. Of all, she cherishes collecting and publishing stories the most. She has also been a freelance feature writer for Metromela magazine and Business and Political Daily, writing mostly on art, travel and literature. Unika has done her graduation with Sociology and Psychology majors and has got a post-graduation in Communication. Currently engaged with Carpe diem, she oversees the artist-in-residence program from scheduling to execution.


Aritra Banerjee: Business Manager

AritraAritra Banerjee is a writer, bibliophile, hodophile and above all an innovative entrepreneur. It is his belief that art has the power to inspire billions and the potential to unite all of mankind.

At the age of 21, Aritra started a marketing enterprise based in Bangalore with 30 young individuals from across India. He and his Bangalore team were actively involved in helping the community and imparting computer education to the underprivileged people in the suburbs and help them secure jobs. To satiate his creative aspirations, Aritra indulges in writing short stories and scripts, occasionally turning them into short films.

Aritra is a Mechanical engineering graduate and currently working as a consultant in a financial company.