Artists – Monsoon Program, 2016


Selected Artists for Second Edition of Carpe diem Artist Residency, Monsoon Program 2015


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Michelle Boyle

Michelle Boyle is of mixed race Irish/Indian origin working predominantly in paint and more recently exploring 3D imagery also. Her work draws on the individual narrative within contemporary society- the sense of identity and displacement in place and time being an uniting thread. This draws on her own background growing up in Ireland and her academic studies in Cultural Anthropology and Archaeology. Some works do not always have an immediate narrative such as a chair, doll or a pair of shoes- their  ‘last biography’ as the artist describes, which can  hold the story of a life.

The Carpe Diem Residency will provide the artist with the opportunity to explore her Indian Visual inheritance in context and develop a body of work for exhibition in India and Ireland in 2016/2017.



Theodore Boyer

Theodore Boyer, lives and works in New York, NY. His primary medium is sanded grout—a man-made, industrially produced material commonly used in home-repair and construction. Seen at a distance, his paintings are reminiscent of satellite photographs and martian landscapes. Closer inspection reveals the tactile richness of the material, blurring the line between the organic and the manufactured. Boyer derives much of his visual inspiration from scientific journals, resulting in work that foregrounds the influence of biological and geological forms without negating the artifice of the canvases as man-made objects. In the artist’s words, “Robert Smithson’s observation that nature has a way of working around things has driven my work. Artistically, I expand on this idea through material and technique by recognizing the relationship between construction and the natural environment surrounding it.”




Kaare Bækgaard

Kaare Bækgaard is a product designer and author born in 1962. He creates lamps, furniture and kitchenware from a small studio situated at the eastern coast of Jutland in Denmark. When Kaare is not working on designs, he studies nature, experiments with graphic methods, or writes on a second novel. The quest is to evolve relevant channels of expression and leave something valuable for posterity. Kaare is constantly trying to escape the limitations of his talent, in a potentially futile hope to become at least a late bloomer. If not succesful, the process itself is fortunately often rewarding or great fun.


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Joslyn Lawrence

Artist Joslyn Lawrence studied painting and photography at the kansas city art institute and the academy of art university in san francisco, fabric design in Berkeley and has a masters in spiritual psychology. exploring metaphysical themes, her work reveals both the geographical and emotional landscape where she resides. Lawrence uses photography to make painterly imagery shot with various types of cameras, creating narratives that lead the viewer down the path of the human condition, creating a sense of myth and occasionally just the stark reality of ones relationship to the self. She is currently exploring her deep connection to nature through photographing trees, holding space for conversations on grieving, and working with natural fibers to add textiles to the collected body of work with a central theme of transformation and remembrance.


Roxy Russell

Roxy Russell

Born in Edinburgh (Scotland), lives in Geneva (Switzerland). Roxy Russell completed a Fine Arts degree at the ECAV in Sierre (Switzerland) in 2013 and has exhibited in various galleries in Ireland, Finland, Scotland, England and Switzerland, since.
Her interest for photography, and the way it captures something with so little, emerged early on and developed during her studies. Process. Duration. Inscription. She is exploring the movement and traces of nature. The sun, water, horizons. The passing of time. The unnoticed. The small things that make life, well life. For the presentation of her findings, she mainly uses photography in different forms. But also installation, drawing, projection and engraving.